Governor’s Honors Program

By: Lindsey McCrea

Pictured: Eileen Grouchnikov, Yash Mahadkar, and Holden Cook (from left to right)

Over the recent spring break, a few of Lassiter’s most talented students received news regarding admission to the highly competitive Governor’s Honors Program. GHP is a prestigious academic program that is held over the summer at a college or university campus. The program is meant to provide opportunities for gifted students to further their education in a specific field with like-minded students. Among those accepted are juniors Yash Mahadkar, Holden Cook, Eileen Grouchnikov, Mia Motley, and sophomore Sophia Joya. Lassiter’s GHP alternates also include Ruhi Datar and Sara Norouzinia. If other students decide not to attend the month-long program, they will be offered their own positions.

When asked about their experiences applying, these students had a lot to say. Sophia Joya gives encouraging words to potential applicants. She described her requirements as a foreign language specialist saying, “It honestly wasn’t that much. I feel like everyone says it’s such a long process, but it’s fairly straightforward.” She implores future students to try it as it, “Isn’t as daunting as it seems.” When applying students are also encouraged to find teachers to mentor and lead them through the process. Holden Cook and Eileen Grouchnikov were sure to thank their GHP guides, Ms. Hinkson, Mr. O’Dell, and Ms. Tucker.

All in all, GHP is a great opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of and meet students who share their academic interests. Eileen Grouchnikov expressed her excitement over this chance “to be surrounded with people that love communication arts as much as [she does].” In general, students that are given the opportunity to participate in this program seem to approach it with great anticipation. As we inquired about Holden Cook’s thoughts, he shared with us that he “is so thankful to have been offered the opportunity to study an area that I am passionate about this summer.” As more students approach their sophomore and junior years, they should consider taking a chance to join in this rewarding tradition.

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