Exploring Lassiter Renaissance

By Oliver Safir

Lassiter Renaissance is a club that promotes student academics by rewarding students who have shown academic rigor and earned a 3.0+ GPA. We oversee two major events: the Renaissance Festival in the fall and the Renaissance Variety Show in the spring. Only students who have received a 3.0+ GPA and picked up their honor cards can attend these events. The Renaissance Festival is an outdoor event with field games and food that provides students with a fun day outside to get a break from their academics. The Renaissance Variety Show is a talent show held in the concert hall. Students and teachers can sign up to perform skits, dances, talents or other acts.  

Additionally, Renaissance oversees the distribution of honor cards and honor card T-shirts. Honor cards come in different colors depending on your GPA, with the highest being gold. Honor cards act as incentives for students to work hard for high GPAs since gold cards give better rewards. Rewards include discounts at local restaurants like Bruster’s, Smoothie King, Jersey Mike’s, etc. Renaissance offers honor card T-shirt incentives in the skylight, where before school we pass out rewards like candy and Chick Fil A gift cards to anyone who shows up wearing their shirt.  

Joining the Lassiter Renaissance team is a great way to get involved in planning Lassiter events and it also looks great on college resumes. We are a smaller club, so therefore we are almost like a family. We meet every Thursday after school, and we do get some pretty cool T-shirts!  Although freshmen cannot join since they don’t have GPAs, you can join as a sophomore, junior, or senior. We look forward to seeing you at Lassiter Renaissance!