Writing Contest Winner: Bella LePage

By Vinny Carlan

Congratulations to Bella LePage on winning third place in our Trojan Times Writing Contest! Please read their winning submission below.

                                               I love you the mostest

                                                         By Bella LePage

I’ve loved you since the beginning of time,

In every shape imaginable,

I love you through all days and nights,

In every way intangible,

I love you to the moon and back,

And all the spaces in between,

I love you to beyond our world,

In every universe supreme,

I love you to infinity

On all the spots on a coordinate plane,

I love you to the smallest bits,

Where even atoms can’t complain,

I’ve loved you every way I’ve known,

And even those I don’t,

I love you from each thing unknown

until the day I won’t,

I love you more than love itself,

More than any emotion,

I’ll love you to the end of time,

Till those events are set in motion,

The only thing I’ve truly known,

Is just how much I love you,

And it’s because of that that I can say,

I’ll love you from above too,

So this is why I’ll always win,

The little game of closeness,

Because no matter what you say,

I’ll always love you the mostest.