Writing Contest Winner: Anisha Singh

Congratulations to Anisha Singh on winning first place in our Trojan Times Writing Contest! Please read their winning submission below.

“Jasmine Flowers and Linen

By: Anisha Singh

She smells of jasmine flowers and linen.

She feels like the breeze on a beach.

She tastes spicy like pepper,

Sour like lime, yet sweet like the nectar in a honeysuckle.

The way her hair glistens like golden sand in the sun,

The way her eyes sparkle bright like the stars in the night sky.

They bring the nostalgic feelings,

Only an old film roll can bring.

When she speaks, she sounds like a birdsong,

But to her I must sound like nails on a chalkboard.

I must smell of pungent swamp water,

And I must taste of nothing at all.

When we are near, we are farther apart than ever.

It may hurt, but I will be okay,

Because she smells of jasmine flowers and linen.