Congratulations, GHP Finalists!

On January 11th, we had nineteen students submit their applications for consideration by the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program. GHP is a prestigious summer program for skilled, knowledgeable, and talented high school sophomores and juniors. Approximately, 4,200 students from across the state also submitted their applications, and at this point, students have already participated in a rigorous acceptance process including multiple levels of interviews and applications. Lassiter is proud to announce that out of the 1,500 remaining applicants, there are thirteen Lassiter students selected to participate in the final round of the GHP state-level interviews. Students have been working towards being accepted into GHP since September, so we are very proud of them for making it this far, and we hope you will wish them luck as they prepare for their final interviews on March 11th!  

Congratulations to: 

  • Eileen Grouchnikov- Communicative Arts 
  • Amelia Wilson- Communicative Arts 
  • Sara Norouzinia- Mathematics 
  • Holden Cook- Mathematics 
  • Mia Motely- Music: Violin 
  • Rosie Mildenhall- Music: Voice 
  • Yash Mahadkar- Music: Clarinet 
  • Vikram Sharma- Science: Chemistry 
  • Kate Lindsley- Social Studies 
  • Chase Patterson- Social Studies 
  • Ruhi Datar- Social Studies 
  • Natalie Waters- Visual Arts 
  • Sophia Joya- World Languages: German 

“We cannot stress enough what an accomplishment it is for these students to have become GHP semi-finalists. They have already proven themselves to be some of the best students in the state, and they only have one more hurdle to overcome in their GHP journey. Thank you to everyone who has written recommendations for and assisted these students in anyway. We appreciate you! If a student asks for any additional support from you in preparing for their final interview, please assist them as you are able. If you see any of these students feel free to congratulate them and wish them luck in their upcoming interview!” 

  -Courteney Hinkson (Lassiter GHP Coordinator)