Spreading Joy

By: Lindsey McCrea

Could you or anyone you know benefit from a community of students wanting to bring moments of joy to grieving students? If so, the Joy Mission Club might be for you. This club seeks to bring the Lassiter community together by helping Lassiter and any feeder middle and elementary school students feel loved in a time of grief. These students work to bring joy to others and to help them, “forever seek the rainbow after the storm,” as the club president, Julia Randall, says. In the past the club has promoted Children’s Grief Awareness Day by making posters for the school prominently featuring affirming messages. They’ve also held a fundraiser called the Christmas Joy Programs using wish lists personalized for each child. Students could which items they would like to purchase and send to a child who recently lost a parent. By doing so, donors helped the surviving family members put joy under the tree in a financially uncertain time. Recently, on January 20th, they kicked off their Joy Basket Fundraiser. With this, they work to put together baskets full of crafts, stuffed animals, books, and more to give to all Lassiter feeder schools and to bring awareness to the club’s mission. They hope to let these schools know they are here to help in any way possible. This week, there is a sign up genius link available in the skylight for anyone who’d like to donate. Any donations should be placed in the box in the counseling office this week. The club offers plenty of service hour opportunities and an appealing organization to list on any college applications, so if you’d like to participate, feel free to any upcoming events or meetings.