Club Spotlight: Mu Alpha Theta

By Kathryn Rozboril

Are you good at math? Do you enjoy helping others? Do you need tutoring experience? Join Mu Alpha Theta, Lassiter’s branch of math honor society! Mu Alpha Theta is a service-based, math-oriented club where members discuss mathematical concepts and volunteer to tutor other students in different math classes. In addition to looking great on college applications, students in Mu Alpha Theta get to chance to explore interesting math topics and help others. It is a great opportunity to gain experience tutoring students in different math classes! Don’t worry if you don’t have much time after school to tutor; many Mu Alpha Theta members are super busy before and after school, so Mu Alpha Theta offers opportunities to go to different math ASEs in school. This honor society values learning and offers peer tutoring as the sole service opportunity. Join Mu Alpha Theta! Celebrate mathematical achievements and help others advance their own knowledge of math.