The Joy Mission Club 

By: Caroline Alligood 

The start of the 2022-2023 school year brings along many new clubs that students can be a part of! The Joy Mission Club is one of those many clubs starting at Lassiter this school year. 

Julia Randall, the founder of the Joy Mission chapter at Lassiter, provided insightful information about this new club. Julia informed, “The Joy Mission is a non-profit organization created by my neighbor to create moments of joy for students who have suffered the death of a parent to ensure they feel loved and seen.” 

When asked of her interest in starting the club at Lassiter, Julia replied, “I first turned to the Joy Mission when I had a personal experience of a friend losing a parent and not knowing how to be there for them. Having the Joy Mission to be source for me for helping my friend made a significant difference. I wanted to create this chapter at Lassiter to be able to bring joy and grief awareness and to help those in the position that I was once in.” 

Julia also added, “My goal for the Joy Mission Club is to create a community at Lassiter that is a student’s-support-students system for those who are grieving.” 

The club had a successful first meeting on September 16th. The next meeting is on Friday, October 28th at 7:45 in the Lassiter room. 

Students can find more information for the Joy Mission Club by going to the club’s Instagram page, @thejoymission_lhs and by joining the Remind messages with the code @lhsjoy.