“Hope for the Light of Day”

By Vinny Carlan

Congratulations to Vinny Carlan on winning third place in our Trojan Times Writing Contest! Please read their winning submission below.

I am lost hoping for the light of day

The path is narrow and derelict

The sands on the edge grayed

The stones worn and shaken

The light is a faint whisper through the overgrowth

And I lose track of time

I am lost but I hold on for the light of day

The darkness seems to never cease slowly closing in

then a bright light flickers and dies there before me in the sands

Yet I continue down the winding path

Not a light to guide my way

I am lost barely able to see the way but waiting for the light of day

I see not a light before me yet I cannot turn away for looking ahead gives me hope of the sight of day

I continue on down the narrow way crying out for the light of day

Yet all that answers back is the silence of the way, not a leaf nor branch moving, frozen in the dark

Yet all around me is nothing so there I stand alone

Alone without light on a quiet darkened path

The sand whispering in the night as it blows on past

And there I stood alone in the darkest hours of the night

And yet even as I stood there lost in the dark I could hear the gentle echo of morning

I still held hope in my mind as I looked ahead for ahead of me could only be the light of day

So there I stood waiting lost in the dark

And there I stood as dawns first beams found me

Gleaming through the rotted hollow trees

As the light shined down everything turned green and bright

then there I stood in a flowering meadow the tree’s grown anew towering in the sky

And there I stood found in the bright meadows around me filling with the hope of a new day.