Class Spotlight: AP Capstone

By: Samantha Whitley 

           The AP Capstone program consists of two years of writing and research that starts junior year. This will be the 9th year of the Capstone program at Lassiter. AP Capstone is also the only diploma class from the College Board. To get into this elective, students are selected by an application for both junior and senior year. The application will require at least two recommendations and will require the student to take AP Language along with the course in junior year. The program is split into two different classes: AP Seminar and AP Research. AP Seminar occurs in junior year and incorporates several team and individual projects. The AP Seminar teacher is Mrs. Minich, who prepares you well for the AP exam and for AP Research. Senior year, which is AP Research, is a yearlong individual research project with Mr. Henry. 

         This program reflects your ability to gather research and write. Further, this program looks exceptional on your behalf for college and prepares you for it. For instance, students learn how to research and write on a professional level as well as practice presentations. These skills are extremely helpful for your career down the road. This class is also unlike any other class that you will take. There is little lecturing that takes place, so this program relies on your drive and determination. Although this class requires much dedication, the class can also be a breather for students. For example, some days in the program are designated breakfast parties! This is one of my favorite parts of the class. 

        With that said, upcoming juniors, make sure to be on the lookout for the AP Capstone application! The first interest meeting will be in November 2022 and applications will be due in early January of 2023.