Club Spotlight: Lassiter Student Council

By Katelyn Vetro

Student Council meetings are under way, and we are busy planning the best year ever! Congratulations to all our new freshmen officers and representatives! In student council, our main goal in the fall is to organize Homecoming and raise money for Shop with a Trojan, also known as SWAT. This holiday inspired event is where student volunteers take underprivileged children shopping for gifts for themselves and their families. It is a heartwarming event in early December, and everyone can participate! For homecoming, we choose themes for dress up days, the dance, and décor for the event! Last spring, we also planned a Spring Fling yearbook signing event that received positive feedback from our student body. This year, there will be other possible schoolwide events, but nothing new has yet been planned. Stay tuned for updates! If you have any suggestions about school events or improvements, please talk to your class officers or representatives; the more ideas the better! Contact the officers from your grade level: the senior officers are Katelyn Vetro, Aaditiya Majumdar, and Karenna Khant, junior officers are Aaron Cuppels, Vivian Youngblood, and Timothy Harrison, sophomore officers are Nate Whipple, Addison Beaulieu, and Caroline Klase, and the freshman officers are Arianna Mukherji, Ava Tucker, and Sarah Garber.  Starting next spring, we will run elections for next year’s officers and representatives for more chances to participate, and we would love to have you! Go Trojans!