Club Spotlight: Sources of Strength

By: Charlie Leard 

       Do you or someone you know need mental health advice or even just someone to talk to?  The club Sources of Strength provides both a great community of students and teachers, and healthy, reliable resources to keep your mental health in check and give a lending hand. With certified teachers to help support you with advice and kindness, along with students to give you relatability, it is the perfect balanced environment every high schooler needs to help keep mentally strong.  

       Everyone knows with social media and the pandemic, they are just a couple factors that have amplified stress, anxiety, and overall mental health instability. Regardless of year in school, many teenagers have things they want to talk about with people other than their parents or even friends. High school is competitive, drama can be tough, and personal life problems can feel consuming; these are nothing to be embarrassed of.  

      There are many trusted teachers around the school that have the Sources of Strength sign posted outside of their door letting students know that they are a trusted adult that is open to talking to anyone. September 6th – 9th, Sources of Strength promoted “Suicide Prevention Week” with representation all around the school. Don’t be afraid to reach out or get involved, you might be just what someone needs.