Fresh Advice for our Freshmen 

By Gracie Fisher 

            I’m assuming that this past month has been full of great change and maybe more than a few nerve-racking moments. A lot of firsts have occurred and that can be overwhelming. However, as one of the officers for LABs, I want to remind you that your Lassiter Ambassadors are here for you! So here are a few more tips to help keep your high school transition as smooth and as fun as possible… 

·      Stay on your best behavior! Admin tends to have the most trouble with underclassmen, but remember that the disciplines you receive will stay on your permanent record forever. And the more well-behaved you are, the more likely you will be rewarded with fun activities later on this year! 

·      Get. Involved. Join clubs, get service hours around the school, you could even look into joining Trojan Times next semester. Not only will increased involvement around the school allow you to develop relationships with more teachers, but it also looks great for college. I know as a freshman you’re not in a rush to build a resume for college, but trust me, it’s better to start now. 

·      Attend the sporting events. As a school, we really need to increase our spirit. So, go ALL OUT for the games. Dress up to school on Fridays, bring confetti, cow bells, posters, and go crazy for the themes at the games. Don’t be afraid to be loud and to sit closer to the rest of the student body. We may be surprised by better results from the football team when we increase our spirit and support. But don’t forget about softball (2-time state champs!!), volleyball, etc. They need our support too! 

·      Organization is key to success. If you haven’t already, decide what works best for you. Folders? Binders? Spirals? Whatever you choose, make sure it is a useful system that will keep you up to date with your work. Speaking of up to date, invest in a planner! I’m assuming some of you might find it embarrassing to whip out a planner in class, but it’s not. My planners through the years have been my best friends and ensure that I never miss an important due date. 

·      Develop relationships with your teachers. No one ever warned me about the amount of teacher recommendations you will need when applying for clubs and other organizations in school, and even outside of school. So, ask questions in class, go to help sessions that your teachers host, etc. I was always the quiet one in class, but I soon realized that will only hurt me. Your teachers are people, too, and you shouldn’t be afraid of them!