A Night in Disguise: Midnight Masquerade Prom  

Hello Lassiter family! 

  After two years of cancelation, we welcome you all back to the Fox for prom. Save the date for March 19th, 7pm- 11pm! Make sure to purchase your tickets beforehand: the last option available is through cash or check only for $95. This option closes Friday, March 11th (no refunds). 

  -Last Chance Reminders- 

  • Tickets only sold to official juniors and seniors 
  • Must have student ID or driver’s license to enter The Fox 
  • Each Junior or senior can purchase two tickets early 
  • If you still need a last-minute tux, get a $50 discount from the QR code below 

Any questions? 

-Contact sharlet.keilman@cobbk12.org  

Published by: Nika Hossainzadeh & Samantha Whitley