Spreading Love During Cupid Season

By Gracie Fisher

              As most of us are aware, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. February 14th marks a day of appreciating those who hold a special place in our hearts, whether that be friends, family, or a significant other. However, I believe we should all go above and beyond on this day to spread our love to those outside of our little bubbles.  With over 2,000 students attending our school, most of us spend our days walking past people we know very little about. We don’t know what every stranger we pass is going through, what kind of day they could be having, if they are overwhelmed with stress, etc. With so little knowledge about these complete strangers, what is the harm in extending out some love and positivity on a day that celebrates love and admiration? A compliment, a wave, or even a simple smile could mean a lot more than most of us think it would. So, I encourage any student, or even a staff member, reading this to use February 14th to share their love with those they are not familiar with. We are all struggling in our own little ways; however, little gestures of love and connectedness can unite us on Cupid’s special day. And who knows, maybe you could even make a few new friends by the end of the day!