Lassiter Ambassadors

By Oliver Safir

Lassiter Ambassadors (LABs for short) is a program at Lassiter dedicated to helping freshmen manage their new high school lives. Ambassadors consist of juniors and seniors who have demonstrated strong leadership capabilities and academic success. LABs meet with freshman classes during advisement and discuss various topics such as studying skills, good organizational habits, responsible social media presences, peer and teacher relationships, and much more. The mission of LABs is to encourage freshmen to get active in Lassiter events and to help make the transition from middle school to high school much less scary. LABs also offer their own personal insight to being high schoolers, sharing tips and tricks they have found useful over their years at Lassiter. Additionally, Lassiter Ambassadors help with many Lassiter events such as Go Day. Club members say Lassiter Ambassadors is a very rewarding club, and they are glad to help ease the nerves of at least some freshmen while meeting with them. If you are a freshman or sophomore, please feel encouraged to join LABs when your time comes to help continue this tradition of fellowship.