Study Smarter, Not Harder

By Gracie Fisher

The recent pandemic has affected all of our lives in a multitude of ways. One example being how we study and the effectiveness of our study habits. Last year, almost every test and quiz were open note and cheating became second nature for some of us. This year, on the other hand, it is time for us to refocus and start putting effort into good study habits. To help ease Lassiter students back into the process of preparing for important grades, I have compiled three study tips I have found most helpful throughout my three years at Lassiter.

First, time management and organizational skills are key to good study habits. By keeping a daily planner and making sure to complete all assignments thoroughly and on time, you will be prepared for all tests and quizzes because you will know all of the content and when to be ready to have your knowledge tested. Also, planning out certain times of the day to put aside time to study is crucial for your success. Maintaining a binder or even multiple binders to separate your classes can help you differentiate between your classes and keep you and your study materials more organized. Being smart with your time and staying organized makes the study process much easier and efficient.

Also, music is another factor that can help you better prepare for any test or quiz. Whether it is instrumental, rock, or hip hop, music can increase your attentiveness by giving you background noise to block out any other potential distractions. While not everyone will find that this is best for them, most teenagers have no problem playing any genre of music that most helps them focus on their work.

Studying is necessary in order to achieve educational success and it is best to start implementing these good study habits sooner rather than later.