Perks of the PSAT

By Gracie Fisher

            Wednesday, October 13, is a very important day for students around the country; the PSAT is being administered. Although optional for freshmen and juniors at Lassiter and required for sophomores, it can be very helpful to take this exam.

            First, the PSAT is a great way to familiarize yourself with the format and test questions of the SAT, along with insight on how the actual test day will run. Also, after a certain amount of time your test scores will be released. From there, you can guide your test prep based off your score so you can reach your desired goal. Being able to see your different areas of improvement, as well as your strengths, is extremely helpful in the process leading up to the real SAT. Furthermore, your PSAT score can qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship. Qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship provides financial aid for high school students planning to attend college. This scholarship is very competitive but is a very impressive accomplishment if achieved. Along with the potential for a scholarship, colleges can try to recruit you which allows you to learn more about your many options for your future eductaion.

            Although the PSAT is just a practice, it is wise to take some time to prepare and put effort into the exam. Many great opportunities can come out of participating in the PSAT.