Orchestra Camp 2.0

By Katelyn Vetro

The Lassiter orchestra recently had their first camp since 2019. As they are heading back into the swing of things, the executive officers and staff have already noticed an immense difference in the quality of their players. The orchestra is finally back together and are able to do things as an entire program. Lassiter orchestra’s executive team member and social media manager, Matt Crane, reflected on the uniting of our players by saying, “Due to the nature of orchestra as a class, sometimes it’s hard to get to know the people around you so I think being familiar with the people we see all the time and play music with will help our playing as a whole.” Matt, and the other executive officers, came to a consensus that this short two-day workshop dramatically improved their musicianship, due to the talented, wonderful clinicians that came to our school. When Matt was asked how camp improved his bass playing skills, he answered, “ This was the first time we’ve gotten to work with real, professional, clinicians since fall of 2019. It was great to see them and they were incredibly helpful as we worked through the challenging music we are currently learning.” The Lassiter orchestra is looking forward to playing music for everyone once again! Their first concert will be on October 21 in the concert hall!