Lassiter Volleyball Program Gets a Reboot 

By: Amelia Wilson 

Lassiter Volleyball Program has some changes this year; it starts with a new gym, and new coaches have joined the spotlight. Darby Dunn, the new JV Volleyball coach, started her journey in Mississippi and moved to Georgia due to her husband’s job. After finding her place in the Special ED department at Lassiter, Dunn met Kristen Hunt, who works in the Media Center, and soon they decided to take up the responsibility of coaching the JV Volleyball team together. Not only does Mrs. Dunn have high hopes for a victorious season, but she is also hoping to “watch the girls grow and develop as a team,” she said during an interview. Shortly after this interview, her team went on to win against Wheeler High School in the third set, 15-11. 

Coach Marc, the new Varsity girl’s coach, himself was not open for an interview, but several of his players, including Andrea Garzon-Peta, #3, Kate Kudlac, #9, and Claire Billups, #6, all gave me their thoughts. When asked about Marc’s coaching, Andrea says, “I like Coach Marc, I think he is really hard on us because he expects a lot out of us, but I think that is what we needed to improve, although sometimes practices are really hard.”  Kate adds, “I think he has adjusted or has started to adjust to the team and how we need to be coached… I like it.” Not only do they agree on the caliber of Marc’s coaching, they all share the drive to reach state and regional competitions this year and based upon their win-heavy season so far, their dream could easily become a reality. Soon after this interview, the Varsity team went on to beat South Cobb in only three sets.