Football Season Looks

By Juliana Malfitano

As the long-awaited football season begins, we as a student body must not only show our support through attending the games but also through dressing for the occasions. Let us count down the list of looks you can expect this football season and some possible options for what to wear, to show your LHS support. 

1. Starting off strong Neon Out: Think fashionable traffic cop meets the 80s. For this theme, go for anything colorful. Students in the past have gone as spirited as to wear crossing guard vests, but a colorful shirt and shorts should do the trick. If you are feeling adventurous, try out a fluorescent wig. 

2. An out of this world theme that is joining the list is Space. Go with all green for an alien look, space buns, glitter, possible holographic clothing. The possibilities here are limitless. 

3. A cult favorite theme is camo. This theme is particularly interesting, because no longer is camo just an array of army green but rather a print that can come in all sorts of colors. With that being said, the safest option here is to grab and camo shirt and possibly top off the look with a Bass Pro Shop hat. Maybe some light and dark green face paint would suffice here as well 

4. The Pink out game is not only a spirited event, but it contributes to the breast cancer society. Think all things pink. Finding clothes for this game should not be to hard, however Pink Out shirts almost always go on sale which again helps with a good cause! 

5. Just in time for HOCO, white out theme is one near and dear to Lassiter’s heart. For this theme, the best route is to simply pair together any and all white articles of clothing you possess. Students have gotten creative with this theme, whether they get fun white headbands or feather boas. The paint designs are also pretty endless with this theme. 

6. Last but certainly not least, we cannot leave the blackout theme off of this list. Similar to white out- a lot of originality can go into the outfits for blackout. However, this theme holds special significance because it is to celebrate Lassiter’s seniors and all the hard work they put in these last 4 years.