Themes from Lit AP

By Audrey Regan

My teacher said,

I’m grade one

That I am not the brightest

She told me “You can’t spell,

School isn’t something you’ll do well.”

I asked my mom if she was right,

“I can talk and read and write.

I just don’t know where vowels go.”

She told me don’t explain when you can show.

Testing, finally my time had come.

I shocked her when I wasn’t dumb.

At long last I’d have my place,

In a reading group that was my pace.

But I didn’t get that spot once more.

My tiny jaw, it hit the floor.

I asked “why,” my head a whirl.

She said, “You’d be the only girl.”

I believe that when I first felt cheated,

Like all my work had been deleted.

My brain meant less because I wore pink,

My curly pigtails meant I couldn’t think?

I think maybe that is why,

I have always felt such a need

To prove myself to the masses.

Why I stopped dressing up and wore my glasses.

I hunkered down and I began

A long, elaborate, revenge plan.

I wrote more than any peer.

My journals filled up every year.

I worked until I became

The kid that doesn’t seem the same.

Because I liked to think and read and write,

But long ago I set my sights.

I’m not great I’ll bluntly say.

But I earned the score I got in May.

I still can’t spell and that won’t stop.

But this is the clearest I’ll see the top.

I’m not so average when I do my best,

I think any teacher would attest.

So, from my seat in AP Loy,

In all the work that I submit

I really hope that you can see

What this subject means to me.

One day I hope I will return,

To the women who left the harshest burn.

She’ll say “Audrey it’s been so long.”

And I will say “You were wrong.”