Club features

Spectrum– Dr. Bishop informed me that in years past Lassiter’s Gay-Straight Alliance club has had ice cream socials with the GSA clubs at other schools. She also mentioned that members of the club will carpool to pride events together, and that the club is getting ready for their holiday party next week. Aside from these social events, the Spectrum club will have meetings with information lectures about different topics of the LGBTQ+ community. Students in the club can volunteer and present these lectures to their peers in the club.

LOL– Languages of Lassiter is a boisterous club where students come together to enjoy food and music from different cultures and experience these events around the time that they would normally occur. Soon they will be planning the Chinese New Year party with endless plates of Chinese food and music. Club officer Gia Scarmuzzi says “It’s been a lot of fun sharing different cultures with everyone!” Lassiter eagerly awaits the remaining events until the final Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Tri-m– Tri-m is Lassiter’s club that combines the talents of band, orchestra, and chorus for concerts, showcases and more. On the week of the 9th, a group of Tri-m students will be traveling to a senior home and playing for its residents, says President Kylie Boschen. In addition to this, there will be concerts in the future that feature small ensembles of Tri-m students.

Magic Club- The Magic Club is still going strong as the end of first semester approaches! Every Friday morning at 7:30, members gather in Mr. Sanacore’s room to play the challenging magical game consisting of cards and “spells!” Magic Club just received a sponsorship from a local game store, and they are still open to join!

Asian American Association– Mrs. Linner informed me that the Asian American Association’s mission is to, “ share information about the cultures of Asia with the students in the club and the rest of the school. They recently celebrated Diwali, which is a festival of lights, and they have many other events coming up next semester.

DECA– DECA is a leadership based program for future entrepreneurs and business. Over the Thanksgiving break they competed in a seminar and did very well. They also take initiative in helping out with other projects around the school such as passing out Chick-fil-A biscuits in the morning, helping with the school store, and decorating for pink out back in October. They have many competitions coming up next semester and other events.

Learn From Lassiter– Learn From Lassiter is a community service program focused on tutoring younger students. At the end of each semester, Learn from Lassiter throws a party to celebrate all of the students hardwork and dedication to the club and school. When asked what she was most looking forward too in the spring semester, Gabbi Levitt said “We start to get a lot kindergartens and that’s the age I most enjoy”

Student council– The student council is the student government of Lassiter High School and it is compromised of elected student members. They are currently doing Shop With a Trojan where they raise money for families that may not be able to afford to have a holiday. In the spring semester they may hold a matchmaking event around Valentine’s Day.

Model UN– Just before thanksgiving, Model UN had an in house conference to train new members. They’re currently working on a crisis reenactment event that will be held in January at Lassiter.

HOSA– In the last semester, HOSA has made fleece blankets for Must Ministries as well as completing their first, but not last, blood drive of the school year. They are currently working on a toy drive for the holidays and making gingerbread hospitals for their December meeting.

Lassiter Ambassadors– Lassiter Ambassadors is comprised of a group of Lassiter seniors and juniors who visit freshman advisement classes to support them through their high school experience. Their most recent meeting consisted of giving the freshman tips on how to get through finals and study methods.

Interact Club– Interact club is a community service club that participates in local community and school volunteer projects. They have participated in a variety of successful projects this year including a pop tab drive and school supply drive. Officer Sam Thompson says, “This year our most successful project has been collecting Halloween candy from several different elementary schools including Davis and Rocky Mount. We sent over 75 pounds overseas with Soldiers’ Angels! We also have sold metal straws as part of our partnership with Green Club to promote sustainability in the Lassiter community.”

Renaissance Club– Renaissance is a student leadership club that focuses on promoting teamwork and collaboration. This year Lassiter’s Renaissance club has had another successful year with the completion of the annual Renaissance festival. Students and teachers enjoyed a fun day outside enjoying the beautiful weather, eating food and candy, playing games, and hanging out with friends. When asked about how this year has been going, co-president Marissa Odell shared, “This year has been one of the best in Renaissance! I am so proud of how everything has turned out.” Co-president Riley Colaicacovo explained, “I am really proud of the teamwork we have seen so far this year. During and after the festival I was looking for people not contributing, and I couldn’t find a single person.” Make sure to stay tuned to see what else Renaissance accomplishes next semester with the Academic Pep Rally!

UNICEF Club– This year UNICEF has successfully completed their annual Trick or Treat for UNICEF fundraising campaign. Members are given trick or treat boxes in which they try to raise money. For every certain amount of money, UNICEF donates things like bags, soccer balls, and more to impoverished children around the world. President and club founder Neel Iyer says, “I’m happy UNICEF has raised money through Trick-or-treat for UNICEF, and I’m excited that we got approval to sell Pura Vida bracelets for the Yemen crisis later this school year.”