Why you should apply early action

Nyra Pasha, News Editor

As senior year continues on, many students are accumulating their resumes, teacher recommendations, and grades in order to apply to their dream colleges. While many apply in the spring through the regular application system, some take advantage of the early action programs that several colleges around the country offer.

Around 450 colleges offer early admissions for applicants. This allows students to apply to a school in October or November and then find out if they are accepted or deferred by December or January. There are many benefits to the early action plan that students should take advantage of. Some applicants have a better chance of getting in early than in regular admissions because it allows them to avoid competing in the regular applicant pool. So if your GPA and SAT/ACT scores are top notch, this may be a good option for you. Colleges also benefit when students apply early decision because they get the students who really want to attend to commit to their school early. 

When applying early action, make sure to research which schools offer it and what type of system it is. Most are non-binding, which means that if you are accepted early, you do not have to tell your final decision until spring. However, some universities such as Harvard and Yale only allow applicants to apply to one school early action, which can be limiting for a student. 

Overall, applying to colleges early action has a multitude of benefits. It can provide security and relief for students who get accepted into their schools of interest and reduces stress that many seniors often face. This is a good option if you know which schools you are very interested in and have the requirements to attend. While you may not be able to procrastinate your college applications and essays until second semester, applying early action usually has no negative effects and provides only advantages to students.