Is homecoming really worth it?

Abby Apple, A&E Editor

The homecoming dance can be very fun with the dancing, friends, and nice dresses, but is it really worth it? In my opinion, I think homecoming is not at all worth it. For starters compared to other dances such as prom, it is not that much of a big deal. Then you need to buy a ticket and for homecoming you would not think it would be too expensive, but it is. A big part of homecoming for girls at least is the dress. Most girls go out and buy a nice dress to wear and wear it once, so it is somewhat a waste of money. Also, homecoming is a dance so you would overall be dancing for quite a while. Why pay to go and dance in a dress and listen to music may or may not like when you can wear pajamas and dance to whatever you want with your friends? So, is homecoming worth it? No, it is not.