Homemade Halloween

Audrey Smiles, Staff Writer

Choosing a costume is one of the best parts about Halloween, but what is even more rewarding is when you make it yourself. These homemade Halloween costumes are a fun alternative, whether you are looking for creative ideas for a group, duo, or just yourself. 

homemade halloween costumes - black cat
One easy costume is a black cat, and you probably already own everything you need to create this classic look: a black top, pants, gloves, and shoes. Purchase or make cat ears and a tail and you have yourself a cute, affordable costume.
homemade halloween costumes - smarty pants
This adorable costume includes taking a pack of Smarties candies and use glue dots or double-sided tape to attach them to a pair of pants. Suddenly, you are the smartest in your group!
Homemade Halloween Costumes Bob Ross
Convince your partner to sport a curly brown wig while you take the comfy route with this sweatshirt disguised as one of Bob Ross’ masterpieces. By gluing some felt fabric (paint spots) to a brown sweatshirt, you create a unique, fun costume for you and a friend.

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