Greta Thunberg: The teen activist

Nyra Pasha, News Editor

Greta Thunberg has gained a mass amount of attention over the past few months as she advocates for an issue that is very urgent and important: the future of our planet. The sixteen year old climate change activist is a leader of a youth movement that is pushing governments around the world to address the crisis. Greta started a movement called “Fridays For Future” in 2018 calling students from all over to skip school and protest environmental issues to garner media attention. Thunberg, who has Asperberg’s syndrome, claims that her illness is her superpower and says that she would not have become as passionate about an activism if she did not have it. She does not let it prevent her from achieving her goals in combating the issue of climate change.

While Greta has been advocating for climate change for several years, she recently struck social media fame when her speech to world leaders at the UN Climate Action Summit spread rampantly across various platforms. People learned new information about how dire this situation is and how society and the government need to help save the planet. 

Inspired by Thunberg’s activism, about four million people in 161 countries participated in the largest climate change demonstration on September 20th. This occurred right here in Georgia, as around 200 adults and students convened at the state capital for a climate strike. This was just one of the many that took place as a part of a youth climate strike in which many students even skipped school to join the cause. Advocates demanded attention on environmental issues like renewable energy and greenhouse gases.

Although only a teen, Greta Thunberg has already made a lasting impact on the world and the environmental scene. She is being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts to combat the climate crisis. There is no doubt that she has brought a mass amount of attention to this terrifying issue that threatens our planet and its people today.