National bullying prevention month

June Jordet, Co-Editor-and-Chief

More than one out of every five students are bullied. Those who are bullied are twice as likely to experience negative health effects. The good news: more than fifty percent of bullying halts when a friend kindly intervenes into the poor situation. Thus, each and every student at Lassiter may be able to reduce the dissemination of negative, hurtful words and actions throughout the school by standing up for a pal in need. During the month of October, National Bullying Prevention Month, individuals from every corner of the globe come together for a campaign against bullying.

There is one key to participating in this campaign― choose kindness and inclusion. Preventing bullying is not just about standing up for others. Simply giving a compliment, smiling at someone new, or including the last person in a group project are all ways to show others just how much the students at Lassiter care about them. Bullies cannot always be stopped, so it is the responsibility of the bystanders to shine a little brighter and boost someone’s day.