Homecoming is what you make of it

June Jordet, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Picture this. The rustic old school gym is decorated in cardboard cut-outs of stars, and string lights dangle across the bleachers. A sheek maroon rubber mat serves a multipurpose use as a dance floor and a basketball court protector and exquisite delicacies including Cheez-Its and miniature water bottles are available at concessions. The DJ plays “Wobble Baby” not just once but twice, and limited seating leaves only one other alternative, dancing all night long until both legs turn into noodles. Does the infamous homecoming dance sound appealing yet― any logical individual would probably assume no. So, why do several hundred students spend the cost of a dapper outfit and the twenty dollar admissions ticket? Because the quality of those whom they are with and of their attitudes improves the quality of the dance ten fold.

A little bit of positivity, a well-dressed friend or date, and a willingness to participate in the occasional “Cupid Shuffle” or “Macarena” can go a very long way; a school dance is only as entertaining and exciting as its attendees make it. Despite this, people contemplate whether they should partake in the Saturday night festivities and question the cool-factor of the dance. The fact is that homecoming is cool by association― association with those who make the dance all that it can be. The memories made while laughing with friends or slow-dancing to Ed Sheeran can only be made during high school. Take a bit of advice from the “Dancing Queen” herself, and what does she say again: “You can dance, you can jive. Having the time of your life, ooh!”

The irony is that if every person that wishes homecoming was more popular would take part, then it would become popular. So, when another seemingly uneventful school dance appears on the calendar and many are tip-toeing around the idea of going because of a fear of standing out from the status quo― go!