Halloween history

Braden Mizell, Staff Writer

The idea of a holiday is an interesting part of a culture. They are a day where cultures decide to stop working and do different types of activities, usually ones that have cultural significance. Halloween is an especially interesting holiday because it is the result of multiple cultures blending together.  This holiday originally started out as a Celtic festival called Samhain, which signified the end of the harvest season and the start of winter, thus started on October 31. It was believed that spirits can cross over to our would easier than before on Samhain, because of this people would disguise themselves as spirits and go door to door asking for food as a form of imitation. When Christianity took Europe by storm, most of the existing pagan traditions were either wiped out or adapted to fit into Christianity, of these traditions. At the time the Christian holiday of All-Hallow-Tide lasted from Oct 31st to Nov 2nd, much like Mexican holiday “Día de Muertos”. The traditions of Samhain were merged with the traditions of All Hallow’s Eve, which was shortened down to just Hallows Eve, and then finally Halloween.