Art community service club walks for breast cancer

Abby Apple, A&E Editor

Lassiter’s art community service club does many amazing art-based projects for the school and events nearby. One of the bigger projects they create is decorations for the 2-day Walk for breast cancer. This project has been going on for several years now, and each year the decorations have been incredible.

Mrs. Daniels is the teacher sponsor and the one who finds and organizes the projects for the club. When asked about why she does the 2-Day walk she said, “I’ve walked nine years in memory of my mother and 7 women in my family that have had breast cancer. Art Community Service club works on art related projects that benefit both the Lassiter and local community. We make all the art for the 2-Day stops on the walk course. This year our club was recognized at the awards banquet at the walk when I received the Randi Passoff Award”. Ultimately this club will continue to do amazing things for the community and Lassiter’s population!