Are high schoolers too old to Trick or Treat

Audrey Renaud, Comedy Editor

For the most part, this is a question that high schoolers ask themselves. They think that because they can drive, or because some people are having parties instead, that they are not allowed to go Trick or Treating anymore. However, if a teenager wants to go and have a night with their friends, dressing up, and celebrating a holiday, there is nothing wrong with that.

Trick or Treating is a special time in everyone’s life and for most kids, it only gets better as they get older. For example, a two year old getting dragged around by their parents while wearing a costume they did not pick out is not going to have a great time, but a sixteen year old running around with friends dressed as a loved character will probably remember the night for years. Even though most people giving out candy would not know the kids’ age, parents or nosey people might judge older kids for wanting to participate in Halloween, but the spirit of the holiday is focused a lot around effort, and if a teenager is willing to put in effort to a costume and a group and a whole night, then they are allowed to go and the full experience of Trick or Treating.