By Sarah Patterson, staff writer

The PSAT is approaching fast and will be administered on Wednesday, October 16. Freshmen and sophomore tests are payed for by the school and are mandatory. Juniors, on the other hand, must sign up for $17 in the front office. Despite the cost, it is highly encouraged that juniors take the test. Not only does it prepare the student for the SAT or ACT, the test score is used to distinguish National Merit Scholarship recipients.  Some recipients can be awarded up to $2,500 for college.

As for PSAT prep, teachers should be covering needed subjects in class, such as content specific vocabulary, grammar, how to read and dissect each question, and other skills needed for success. Online programs such as Khan Academy offer excellent SAT prep, which in turn can be used to prepare for the PSAT. Khan Academy even offers full practice SATs and offers estimate scores. Additionally, in-class resources such as vocabulary books can be used to prepare.