Behind the nominees

By: The Laureate Staff

When I spoke to Matt Grachen about what he wants people to know about him, he said, “I like sports a lot, and I play football.  I also like hanging out with my friends, I like going to the beach, and I like playing video games.”  I was curious about Matt’s ride for the Homecoming Parade, but he let me know he can not attend the parade due to football practice; he plays for our very own Lassiter Trojans.  The coaches need all players at practice, and Matt understands, but he hopes everyone participating in the parade has a good time. Good luck, Matt!

I spoke to Jada Wilson and she is really happy that she is on homecoming court! She said she was expecting a few close friends to vote for her, but not the whole senior class and she thinks it is really cool. Her and Eitan Ventura will be riding in the homecoming parade in a white BMW with Captain Minta of NJROTC and she is really excited. 

Julia Ferguson is one of the sophomore nominees for Homecoming.  She is a pleasant student and shared that she likes to try and make people happy.  No doubt, her positive attitude and relationships with her peers helped her land the nomination.  Julia is still deciding about the type of car she will be using in the parade, but she plans on keeping up the spirit of Homecoming by attending the dance with some friends.  Good luck, Julia.

Will Shutt is a junior on the homecoming court here at Lassiter. When I asked him what he wants the school to know about him, he said that he loved his mom a lot. Will has made many preparations for the Homecoming Parade, primarily in his attire. He told me that he bought a new tie just for this occasion. Good luck, Will!

Ferris Marie Moss is a sophomore on homecoming court. She is on the football team because it is her passion. She said that she wants to inspire other girls at Lassiter to follow their passions as well. She did not originally run for homecoming court but is very excited about it. Good luck, Ferris Marie!

I spoke to Jackson Lewis who is a sophomore on homecoming court. He was happy to be nominated and he is seemingly ambitious. When I got a chance to talk to him, he said, “I was born with that green, they used to call me the bread boy”. Clearly he is a very interesting individual. Good luck, Jackson.

Perry Kramer, a senior on homecoming court, states that he feels very happy that he was selected by his peers. He will be walking with Señora Hotle during the pep rally; he will be riding with Julia Keener in the parade. Perry is quite the interesting individual who enjoys watching Drake and Josh and listening to music by Lassiter’s very own Henry Tegethoff. One unique fact about Mr. Kramer is that his birthday is the same day as the calendar emoji.

Sydney Kollas is a junior on homecoming court and is very excited to participate for the first time. To prepare for the big night, her friend will come over and do her hair and make-up. She will be riding with Derek Dutta in the parade. Sydney is a bubbly and energetic girl who loves manatees and taking naps. Good luck, Sydney! 

Honored and humbled by the fact that his peers chose him for homecoming court, senior Reid Dobbins will be walking with Ms. Lee in the pep rally. While he plays for Lassiter on the field, Reid roots for the Carolina Panthers and Auburn too. Cheer Reid on at the game!

Vincent Gallucci, a sophomore on homecoming court, states that he can not wait for homecoming because he is the life of the party. He will be riding with Ferris Marie during the parade and plans on attending the game afterwards. Vincent is extremely excited to be on this year’s court and excited to hang out with his friends and peers.

Hillary Henderson is a part of the freshman homecoming court this year. She’s a competitive dancer at Rhythm Dance Center and says her favorite style of dance is hip hop. Her older sister, Miyah Henderson, won homecoming queen during the 2015-2016 school year, and her mom will be doing her hair, just like she had for her sister. She will be riding with Grayson Baldovin in the parade and will be attending the football game, but she will, unfortunately, be missing the dance on Saturday. Good luck anyways, Hillary!

Julia Keener is a varsity cheerleader with lots of school spirit. When asked about homecoming this year she said, “I’m really excited to represent our grade for the homecoming court this year. I’ve been on the ballot every year and this year I’m finally on the court so yay!”

Eitan Ventura is on the senior homecoming court and, when I asked about how he managed to get on he had quite the story; “So I was sitting in bed going through peoples stories and I saw a bunch of girls promoting themselves for hoco court. Now what I didn’t see where any guys doing it. So I thought to myself hey I’ll promote myself as a goof. But then one of my friends promoted me too. And then more of my friends. So I wanted to see how far I could take this, looks like I took it too far.”

One of the several boys on junior homecoming court is Carson Kinney. When asked about whether he wanted to be on homecoming court or if he was just voted on this is what he said, “I was nominated for it and once I was nominated I wanted to do it. it feels good to have ya classmates vote for you to represent the grade”

Cameron Gray is excited to be a part of the freshman homecoming court this year. He plays volleyball and describes himself as very loud and outgoing. When asked how he will be preparing for the homecoming parade, he said “I’m gonna get dressed up and we’re gonna be riding in a Mercedes.” Although he will not be attending the dance, he will appear on the court decked out in a “…black suit with a pink bowtie.”

Claire Parsons is a well known varsity volleyball star at Lassiter. She is committed to play volleyball at KSU after she graduates. She is happy to be on homecoming court and said “I can’t wait to be in the parade with all my friends!” Claire has lots of school spirit and dressed up everyday for hoco week,“I just love seeing everyone all dressed up and the creativity they put into their outfits.” Claire will be escorted by Mrs Winston tonight. 

Libby Bickford is ecstatic to be a junior in homecoming court. She plays volleyball, runs track, and is on FCA Leadership. For the homecoming parade and dance, she is riding in a convertible and will be going with a group. She wants nothing more than to represent Lassiter in a positive way, and to be someone anyone can come to. When asked about a quote for this homecoming, she said “Lassiter is such a great school, and over the past three years, had become my second home”

Henry Tegethoff is preparing by showering and brushing his teeth everyday. He plans to wear a suit, “just because that’s what he’s wearing”. Henry is a senior at lassiter who is fun-loving and loves to have fun. He wants people to know that his heart is burning with love.