New gym

By: Emily Swindell, Staff Writer

In January, we are expecting the grand opening of our new gym at Lassiter. The wait has been long, but now it is coming to an end. Not only will we be getting a new gym, but we are also getting our parking lot back! With the size of the new gym, the back lot has lost around 120 parking spaces; however, it is a small price to pay for what is there now. Coach Kelly, the Lassiter Athletics Director, is planning on having the Varsity basketball teams play one game in the new gym this spring, so the seniors get to use it before they graduate! As far as we know, the gym will only be used for sports. All other activities that take place in the old gym will continue to take place there. This is because of the fun Lassiter students like to have, and we cannot afford to make a mess of the new gym. Although seniors will only have the gym for a short time, it is a great new addition to Lassiter that other students will appreciate for years to come!