What’s happening in ceramics?

By Nate Bavely, staff writer

Ceramics is spicing up their game, and Mrs. Daniels has some new projects planned for this year. Although they are trying new and improved projects, they are keeping their regular schedule. Students first create a cup that they begin with every year. Usually, the students are very excited for this project because it is everyone’s first project. But that’s not all that this class has to offer, a new wide array of projects will be introduced into ceramics, such as “Virtual Chinese Takeout”, and many new projects on the potter’s wheel. Every student has a main goad in ceramics: to get on to the “Wall of Large-Throwing Fame Sculpture” which is a wall that certain students can get onto if they exceed the teacher’s expectations. Every year students are more and more intrigued with ceramics. I am personally intrigued with what Mrs. Daniels and the students have to offer.