Falling into the new sports season

By June Jordet, Co-Editor-in-Chief

After only a month into the school year, many of Lassiter’s athletes have been working hard towards a successful fall season. Through dedication and positive mindsets, each and every Trojan builds himself to become a better player on and off the field, court, or track. Head varsity football Coach Sean Thom explains, “The biggest thing I look forward to about the fall football season is seeing these young men compete on a daily basis as well as continuing to fortify relationships throughout our football program, so that we can see them grow as football players and productive citizens off the field as well!” The next football game will take place at Wheeler High School on September 20th where the players will be able to exhibit the progress discussed by Coach Thom.

Coach Wilson of the varsity competition cheer team also sees great potential in her team: “I am most looking forward to seeing these ladies continue to improve and gain new skills. We’ve already made so much progress over the summer, I can’t wait to see what the season has in store for us as we continue to work harder and get stronger.” Similarly, Coach Campbell of the varsity fastpitch softball team sees that “progression will be key to [their] success” during this season. Support the fastpitch team at their double-header against Woodstock on September 12th starting at 5pm at home.

Cross country lead by Coach Freed and varsity volleyball lead by Coach Hodge also commence their new season this fall. The top athletes of the cross country team will be competing on September 14th in Pensacola, Florida at the Gulf Coast Stampede. The varsity volleyball team will be competing at Alpharetta High School on September 12th. Each team is putting in its maximum effort and hoping for a triumphant season. They
hope to see each Trojan at every game!