Spider-Man: Civil War

By Braden Mizell, staff writer

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, is one of the highest-grossing movie franchises in the history of the silver screen. The MCU is at the beginning of its final phase, and Spider-Man was poised to lead the final charge.

Recent developments between Disney and Sony studios have changed that plan, and the MCU is now poised for some serious upheaval. Sony, who holds the copyright for Spider-Man, has decided to end its agreement with Disney.

Many people, including Lassiter students, are shocked by this news, while others are actually relieved by it. “I’m glad,” said Joey regarding the decision, “someone is finally taking a stand against Disney. R.I.P. though Uncle Ben.” Several students were completely unfazed, such as this Lassiter student who stated, “I literally do not care,” while another student
remarked, “It’s not like either company is going to go under over this.”

However, not everyone is in Sony’s corner on the matter. In fact, at least one student expressed his disdain using a certain expletive. As it seems, Lassiter students have many different opinions on the matter.