Quill and Scroll

By Abby Apple, A&E editor

For the past few years Lassiter has only had honor societies that apply to specific classes such as math, science, and history, but this year we are bringing back Quill and Scroll, Lassiter’s Journalism Honor Society. Journalism Honor Society is an honor society for those in a journalism class or club such as, yearbook, newspaper, or even broadcast journalism.

This honor society is a great opportunity for students to gain service hours, college recommendations, and a cord when you graduate. Joining Quill and Scroll is a privilege just like any other honor society. To join this honor society, you need to get an application, fill it out, give it to one of the journalism teachers for a recommendation, and then submit it in to Mrs. Mclaughlin. 

This year, Quill and scroll is going to try and do a variety of journalism based things. Several of them being things such as touring the CNN building, reaching out to the Marietta Daily Journal, UGA Journalism staff, and the Eastcobber, and talk to Mrs. Mclaughlin’s uncle who is in Florida’s journalism hall of fame.