MTV Room Awards

By Luci Wilgus, staff writer

The debate about which teacher has the best classroom can finally end. We surveyed about 100 students at Lassiter High School, asking them their opinion on this issue. After an initial 30 responses, four teachers stood out as front runners, and the poll was narrowed to the following contestants:

-Mrs.Etter, for her incredibley diverse collection of rubber ducks

-Dr.Brown, for his extensive library, comfy couches, Petersons (textbooks) from other teachers, and a Neil Patrick Harris cut-out

-Mr.Sanacore, for his (possibly possessed) comic book décor and posters

-Dr.Shildneck, for his unique posters imported from Alderaan and Tatooine

Dr.Brown won with 34 votes, with Mrs.Etter as a close second, coming in at 32 votes. Dr.Shildneck came in at a total of of 18 votes, leaving Mr.Snacore as a lovely fourth alternate. Congratulations to all of our contestants!

**The results are based upon the responses of 22 seniors, 34 juniors, 16 sophomores, and 24 freshmen’s responses. Based on participation, the results are slightly skewed toward the preferences of the current junior class**