Lassiter chorus sings at SunTrust Park

By Audrey Smiles, staff writer

On September third, Lassiter Chorus sang the National Anthem for a crowd of over two thousand people. However, what made this performance special was Lassiter Chorus would be singing two anthems at the game for the first time.

The Atlanta Braves were playing the Toronto Blue Jays, so our chorus was given the honor of singing both the “Star-Spangled Banner” and “O’ Canada” in order to pay tribute to both teams. This game was also special because the Atlanta Braves were admitting Hurricane Dorian evacuees for free to the game to help make leaving home a little easier to bear.

Chorus students were also able to watch the game after singing and enjoy the Brave’s victory against the Blue Jays. Listed below are the links to the Lassiter Chorus Instagram and Facebook accounts so you can view the pictures and hear our talented chorus at the game.