Box by box

By Luci Wilgus, staff writer

The phrase “No one in Atlanta is actually from Atlanta” is something new residents hear constantly.  In 2016 alone, the city welcomed 90,650 people (KNOWAtlanta), so there is some truth to the phrase.  Families are drawn to the job opportunities, southern charms, and quality education Georgia has to offer. Lassiter itself brings in around 50 new families each year, ranking in at the 7th best school in the Atlanta-metro area(USNews). As wonderful as the destination is, the journey can be taxing. 

Moving in concept, is not bad at all.  A chance to start over and experience new things is really lovely, but packing is most definitely not lovely.  Having to put everything in a house into a box without packing the daily essentials too soon, before loading it all into a U-Haul creates an almost hostile environment.  Stress levels can become unbearably high, which in turn leads to fighting and lower energy for the actual process.  Being forced to eat out and shower strategically adds another layer of disorder to the whole situation. 

Often times, moving is not cost efficient until about a month after the boxes are unpacked.  Additional costs of a truck, boxes and eat out every night after the kitchen is packed add up.  Getting a chance to re-invent oneself and explore new surroundings is worth the trouble, although it may not seem that way while working box by box.