A self-fulfilling prophecy

By Braden Mizell, staff writer

Have you ever had to write an essay, only to procrastinate so much that you
completely forgot what you where supposed to write about? I feel like this is an experience we can all truly relate to. We have all had those essays
and projects that were written the same day they were due. All those times where we have said, “Ok, how do I make one sentence worth of information, into a whole paragraph?” I swear I have good ideas of what to write down on almost any other topic, but right now is absolutely not one of those times.

One time I wrote a four-page essay on the book 1984, and I have yet to read 1984, but when I have to write a comedy article about forgetting stuff because, “Haha relatable humor,” I’m out of luck. Seriously I just have to write about what is literally happening, but I doubt anyone wants to read an article that is summarized as “local student stares blankly at a Google Doc for 5 minutes.” I am about to slam my head on my desk because I just had an idea but just thought, “Oh hang on, I should go fix some of those grammar mistakes then I’ll write that,” and take a guess what happened. I forgot what I was going to say.

The irony is that I chose this essay because of how much stuff I forget. So here I am, forgetting about something that is about forgetting about said
thing. Funny how that works. Oh yeah, and now you are breathing manually, always love to do that to people.