Student Pep Rally Committee

 By Emily Swindell, staff writer

The first pep rally of the 2019-2020 year was unlike any of the past. Instead of a teacher planned pep rally, it was planned by our very own Lassiter students. The student pep rally committee is made up of ten students: five juniors and five seniors. The idea was first developed by Mrs. Wilson, the faculty head of the committee. She originally had the idea to take the brunt of the work load off of her, and to bring in student ideas instead of ones made up by teachers.

The students were selected by her after each student submitted an application and teacher recommendations. In regular meetings, students present ideas, vote on them, and are then assigned different jobs. For example, some students will plan the playlist, while others plan the class game. Junior committee member Rom Or stated, “It allows the students to share their ideas and apply them to the pep rally.” It was exciting to see our student body in red, white, blue, and black for our patriotic theme instead of our usual class colors. We are excited to see what is in store for the upcoming pep rallies, and what fresh new ideas our peers have for us!