Showing school spirit

By Anna Trevathan, staff writer

Football season has just started at Lassiter High school. From winning best students’ section on Fox 5 news, to holding enormous pep rallies several times per year, it is clear to see that Lassiter has evident school spirit. So, besides showing up to football games, how else do Lassiter students show their school spirit? I have taken this question to the halls of Lassiter to find out. 

Cassine Castillo answered, “I show my school spirit by buying the themed shirts and spirit wear at the beginning of the year. I also dress up for the themed days.”

Blake Moore said, “I go to the band and orchestra concerts to support my friends and listen to their music, all while supporting the school.”

Sara Schmiedeknecht: “I joined clubs, like art service and LOL, to get involved in the school. I think that getting involved is the best way to show pride in Lassiter.”

School spirit is important because it makes the high school experience, overall, more enjoyable for everyone. If all the students at Lassiter High School show love for their school, every student will know that they are a part of something bigger than themselves, giving the student population more hope and more love towards one another.