College Prep?

Written by Charles Ort-Guest Writer

Has Lassiter prepared me for college? I think for most Lassiter kids the answer is yes, one hundred times over yes, and the same holds true for me. Lassiter is all about achieving excellence: in academics, in athletics, in the arts, and beyond that in one’s community. With that expectation comes great pressure, both from admin and my peers. I have been driven to excellence by my environment: my four high school literature teachers – Dr. Brown, Mrs. Richter, Mrs. Morgan, and Mr. Henry – have all driven me to become well read, to help inspire through my rhetoric and my prose and poetry. They have taught me how to think critically about abstract concepts like identity and fate, and most importantly have shown me the power of words and the dreadful verb be. I feel I have become a better writer because of my time at Lassiter, a skill from which I surely benefit. My brother, who graduated seven years ago, recently told me that “Mr. Henry’s AP Lit class was the hardest class [he] had ever taken, in or out of college,” saying he felt that it had prepared him for what was to come. Once again, I have been driven to excellence by my environment: the nine math and science teachers I have had have created a love for STEM which never existed until I reached Lassiter. No different expectations came from my other Language, Fine Arts, and History teachers who have helped better me as a person and student. If not for the wonderful teachers I have had, I might never have considered heading down the Arts and Sciences pathway at Ohio State.