Marvel vs DC

Marvel vs DC Comics

Erin Buckner


For years, two publishing giants have taken over the film and comic industry while giving  us most of the superheroes and villains we loved as kids and still love today. Constantly battling for the top spot, Marvel and DC Comics rivalry goes back nearly 80 years and people today feel strongly about which is the best. Here are three main differences in the two comic superpowers.

Although some aspects may be similar, such as superhero battling villain for the sake of humanity, the themes of Marvel and DC are completely different. DC Comics takes the more traditional route and portrays their characters are mythical being who can perform incredible tasks. Marvel on the other hand, tries to stray away from that by taking a more human approach. Even though the Marvel characters can do amazing things, they humanize and make them relatable to the public by often showing obstacles that the heros have to face internally and externally. When it comes down to theme, deciding who is better merely comes down to the peoples’ opinion.

Another factor to consider when comparing the two is reviews. The most popular movie analyst, and one most people rely on, is none other than Rotten Tomatoes itself. Marvel’s average tomato score, being a 64.1%, is barely under DC’s score of 67.7%. With individual movies, Marvel’s top spot belongs to the Black Panther scoring a 97%, followed by Iron Man, Avengers, and Spider-man Homecoming. However DC’s top spot is Dark Night, having a score of 92%, then Batman Begins, and Superman. Although DC has a higher average score and is more consistent, Marvel tends to have either hits or misses, but when they hit they have an impact.

Finally, going back to where they first started can be beneficial when comparing the two. Originally proclaiming their fame through comics, that side of the industry has slowed down now drastically that the ways of entertainment has changed. So the question is, who sells more comics? In the earlier years, DC’s Superman sold 500,000 copies while Batman sold 898,000, now that would barely scratch the surface of their sales. Superman has sold up to 600 millions and Batman has over 460 millions sales, while Marvel’s Spider-Man has sold over 380 million and X-Mens has sold up to 270 million. Although DC’s sales are higher, Marvel tends to make more money based on the fact that their comics are frequently the highest ranked and reviewed. There are many differences between Marvel and Dc Comics and it has been shown that there is not a clear winner between the two and there may never will be.