Interview with a college student.

Anna Trevathan

Kaitlyn Trevathan is a pre-med student at Erskine college. She graduated from Lassiter in 2018. She hopes to aid upcoming freshman on the years to follow by answering questions about her freshmen year of college.


 What is the hardest thing about transitioning into college from high school?

KT: The hardest thing is not being a part of my families lives anymore. I get to call and look at pictures on social media, but I don’t get to be there with them.


What is the biggest difference between college and high school?

KT: It is harder because of time management. In my degree, if you have a social life, you are probably failing your classes. You must find the balance between work and friends.


Did you know what degree you wanted to get before leaving high school?

KT: Yes, I knew I wanted to be a doctor since I was five.

 In what ways has that helped you?

KT: It has diffidently kept me more motivated to achieve my goals, since I know what I want. I did think about switching majors, but I decided to perceiver.


 What is the difference between high school and college teachers?

KT: College teachers are more understanding like if you are sick just don’t show up to class. They say that its your tuition not theirs.


What are the must have things to bring to college most people don’t think about?

KT: One must have been the mattress topper that makes it soft. College mattresses are hard and gross. You also need to bring a planner, or something that keeps you organized. It is crucial to have a laptop, because almost all work is done on it.


What did you bring that you didn’t need?

KT: I took too many clothes. I only wear about eight of outfits in my closet.


 Is it hard to have a roommate?

KT: Yes, you must learn how to live with other lifestyles and how to make compromises. Its important to be upfront with any issue and address it as soon as it happens, so it doesn’t continue.