Driving vs. Flying

Audrey Renaud

Comedy Co-Editor

When people travel, there are typically two ways they can take to get somewhere. The choice between driving or flying can make or break a trip from the start, and both forms of transportation have ups and downs. One factor that separates a car ride from a plane ride is freedom. Most of the time you are in your own car, or a car that you are comfortable in, and you are by yourself or with people you know. On the ride you get to see a lot you could not see from the sky, like the city or countryside you are traveling through. Also, you are in control of what time you leave and arrive, when you stop, and what you can bring with you. However, there are downsides to driving. The difference in travel time, for example, is one large set back. A thirty minute flight is a four hour car ride if you do not stop or face any obstacles. Traffic is another major annoyance for anyone driving, especially on long trips, and it is almost inevitable depending on where you are trying to go.

    If someone from America has a dream of going to France one day, they dream of flying to France one day. Flying opens up a person’s reach of the world and increases the amount of opportunities they have. Also, the time you shave off getting to your destination by flying instead of driving grants you more time to spend wherever you are going. However, when you are on a plane with over one hundred other passengers, who are almost all strangers, and there are two bathrooms, flying might lose some of its appeal. Also, when you are waiting in line for security, or when you get one of your belongings confiscated, or when you have to pay hundreds of dollars for one plane ticket, flying might lose some of its appeal. Each form of travel is popular, and everyone has a preference between the two. So, therefore, the question remains: which form of transportation do you prefer?