Renting prom dresses?

Erin Buckner

Staff Writer

As prom approaches many are finding themselves spending hundreds on their dress to wear on this special night. Although owning your prom dress has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. So, is there another way you can find the perfect dress for prom without spending so much money?

Renting a prom dress the perfect alternative to buying one and it has many positives. First, renting a gown is most likely the cheaper option rather than purchasing one. The average prom dress can have a price range of $150 up to $600 and renting it can cost $100 to $160 for the night. Depending on the price of your gown, renting can often be the most inexpensive option. Next, with renting, you only have to take care of your dress for one night then return it the next day. In most cases with buying your prom dress, you wear it that one night and never have the need for it again. And paying the hundreds of dollars is a lot less worth it when the dress is sitting in your closet after one use. With renting, you put on the dress for prom, return it, and you never have to worry about it again.

With the advantages of renting comes its disadvantages. If the opportunity did come up that you would want to wear your dress again, you don’t have the option to without paying again for another night. However with buying, you could grab it out of your closet without the extra fee. Also, if you rent a gown you could potentially have an issue if a spill, rip, or any other damages happen to the dress, resulting in an extra fee. This might cause you to be extremely careful while wearing the dress to avoid that extra damage fee. Finally, with renting for prom, you may not have as many in-store options as buying has. The in-store option allows you to try on the gown and make sure it properly fits and it is the dress you want to purchase. With renting however it is mostly all online and a hassle if the dress does not fit after it has been shipped to you. Although renting a prom dress this year can lead to may issues or fees, it is also potentially a cheaper, easier way to shop for prom.